Daenerys required that Jon Snow (Package Harington) demonstrate blind loyalty by bending the knee in their lengthy-anticipated first meeting — not a terrific way to develop a coalition from the willing. So we already saw the peak of her wrath in season four when she crucified 163 slavers in Meereen as a result of the killing of 163 slave children for the reason that one act of violence we had her at her cruelest (mass slaughter) and many benevolent (protecting innocent children) all at one time.

game of thrones poll results emilia clarke

So perhaps the 48% are right. Maybe Daenerys will not be singularly evil or heroic. Possibly, like the majority of others in Westeros, she’s condemned to become corrupted no matter her intentions.

You would not like her when she’s angry. On “Game of Thrones” Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) makes a reputation for herself like a liberator, freeing enslaved people and vowing to complete exactly the same for everybody within the Seven Kingdoms living under Queen Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey). But recently she appears more worried about ruling compared to the folks she’d rule. So is Daenerys turning evil? We set it up to some election, but our readers aren’t quite as sure. Take a look at our complete poll results below.

One-third in our respondents (33%) stated yes, that evil runs in the household and she or he is going to be even worse as her father, the Mad King who nearly annihilated their own kingdom. But up to 50 % in our readers (48%) required a far more nuanced approach, quarrelling that she’ll be morally compromised, although not positively evil. Possibly surprisingly, only 19% think she’ll be an outright hero. So her image has certainly gone through a sinister alternation in recent seasons. She may not be a lot better than Cersei in the end.

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