The final time Bet on Thrones named a chapter following a notable Northern location, it had been season five’s “Hardhome,” which featured among the single most stunning action sequences within the show’s storied history. White-colored Walkers put in to the Wildling fortification of Hardhome and absolutely annihilated most the boys, ladies and children contained inside the walls, culminating in Lord Snow helplessly brooding in the Night King’s stone cold stare lower. If “Eastwatch” includes a scene that’s even half as chilling, we are set for a really harsh evening.

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What’s promising? Whatever awaits us at “Eastwatch,” it in all probability will not finish using the Hound’s dying both Sandor and the undead brother should last lengthy enough to have fun playing the Clegane Bowl at the minimum. But everybody else involved — Beric, Thoros, Tormund and also the Wildlings? Fair game, so far as this author is worried. Top tips, then: put on several layers while you sit lower to look at the most recent Bet on Thrones. It comes down to to obtain freezing cold inside your family room. Winter is here now, indeed.

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