Note: This story consists of a significant thought in the season 6 finale of Bet on Thrones….

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So what’s next for you personally?
I start shooting In Darkness, that is a thriller I co authored with my lady Anthony Byrne. Also doing Official Secrets with Martin Freeman and Harrison Ford. There’s fantastic independent films which will have me in jeans and t-t shirts — forget about flowing silk for some time!

She’s been sparring with Cersei all of this time, however needs to relinquish control simply to survive.
The main reason everything goes tits up happens because Margaery wasn’t in charge of the fight against Cersei. She’d to hands the reins to our prime Sparrow and Cersei outplays him. Through the finish, Margaery is really a victim from the High Sparrow’s mess. He underestimates Cersei and that’s something Margaery Tyrell would never do. David and Dan attempt to stay as near to human instinct as you possibly can.

That which was your last day on set like?
My last day on set was fantastic. It had been a scene with Diana Rigg [who plays Olenna Tyrell on the program. Which was the final scene which i shot. She and that i were built with a lovely day together. Dan and David ensured these were there in the very finish. It appeared very fitting Margaery’s last day is shooting a scene using the Queen of Thorns. They offered me a big hug making a fuss from me. It had been lovely.

EW spoke to Dormer about her final Thrones episode. The actress, who became a member of the series in the second season, has witnessed her feature film career blossom through the years, with roles in The Hunger Games franchise and Hurry, among other projects. Here she gives her ideas on Margaery’s fate, and many intriguingly, states her character might have beaten Cersei if she wasn’t tripped up through the High Sparrow’s mistakes.

And just how have you experience the way in which Margaery is out particularly?
I believed it was really clever. I truly did. It isn’t an echo of anything you’ve seen within the last six years. It’s truly it’s own unique moment to connect what’s been a distinctive story about what’s happened in King’s Landing during the period of season 6. I believed it was an inspired choice. And it is interesting that i’m given a minute of some vindication in the very finish, that was a great way for Margaery to depart the show. She’s given a platform to state that they was right, as she always is. Speculate the ability was obtained from her, she couldn’t do anything whatsoever about this.

Entertainment Weekly: When have you get the decision that Margaery wasn’t enduring to pick up?
Natalie Dormer: I preempted the decision because in true Natalie Dormer-style I attempted to suit millions of projects right into a single year. I asked for [while making season 5 that showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] release me from working on the program sooner than usual and so i could do another project, plus they wound up phoning me — which was The Phone Call. However I first got it six several weeks in front of normal. These were like, “We weren’t going to let you know this for any couple of more several weeks, but we’re not likely to release at this point you, which means you can’t do this job you want to complete and we’re really sorry about this. But around the vibrant side, we will release you proper within the not-so-distant future.” It had been great news, not so good news — no you cannot do that, but take it easy, you’re likely to have much more possibilities soon.

Overall, that which was your preferred scene on the program?
It will stay the bow-and-arrow scene with [Joffrey Baratheon actor Jack Gleeson]. We’d such fun on that day. It had been a determining scene for Margaery whenever you often see how she would handle the psychopathic king, among the best baddie’s we’ve been on television for many years. And also the scene with Aidan Gillen [Littlefinger] too, when Aidan is standing over Renly’s body [and Margaery states] “I wish to be the queen.”

She wound up getting an excellent arc, though. Within the books, Margaery includes a smaller sized role and you’ve got to find one good reason you’d a lot more to complete happens because you had been playing that part.
Margaery were built with a fantastic arc compared to what’s within the books. David and Dan was in what they initially stated they’d do, that is produce stuff to obtain my teeth into. It’s a long time I’ve every spent playing a personality. I’ll also have just a little yellow rose after me, and i believe it had been the perfect period of time, to tell the truth. It’s here we are at the Westeros story to maneuver on and it is an ideal here we are at her to exit.

Here’s certainly one of Dormer’s favorite moments together with her character:

And just how have you experience that?
They need to tighten the story lines given however many episodes remain. They need to focus them, lower to get at the actual business from the throne. Dany’s a little way away. I appreciate they need to streamline and they’ve develop some ingenious ways to achieve that the audience won’t see coming. That’s Bet on Thrones throughout, is it not? Each year something originates from the left field that nobody might have predicted. It’s great they are able to still shock people six years on. I watch being an audience member too, you receive side swiped.

Her dying, like numerous others on Bet on Thrones, wasn’t exactly fair. Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer) had all of the wits essential to survive the King’s Landing lion’s living room. She was selected as somebody’s queen, not once, nor two times, but three occasions. After each occasion, she was refused a cozy rule by forces beyond her control. Margaery perished in Sunday night’s spectacular finale after becoming trapped around the High Sparrow’s losing team as Cersei Lannister made her explosive checkmate move. The end result was the ultimate chord inside a recurring theme in Margaery’s existence — she constantly found herself mounted on effective, yet condemned, men. Only this time around, aside from the High Sparrow, she couldn’t escape his deadly downfall.

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