In writing, Texas Tech and West Virginia are as evenly matched as possible. Have similar points per game, offensive ranking and defensive ranking. However, the main improvement in both of these team is the fact that Texas Tech has already established a tougher schedule up to now, proven many happen to be a takeaway machine whereas West Virginia has lost to get affordable teams by one possession and blown out very mediocre teams.

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West Virginia (3-2) is originating off a difficult loss against TCU in Fort Worth. The Mountaineers had tied the sport at 24 late within the fourth quarter before ultimately falling to TCU, 31-24. As we view many occasions both with Texas Tech along with other teams round the country, teams sometimes don’t respond well after a psychological, tough fought against loss. Can Texas Tech make the most and obtain their first make an impression on the Mountaineers since 2013?

Opposition Q&ampA using the Smoking Musket

Here are a few links in the week to help you get swept up on West Virginia:

Go Tech!

Here’s the storyplot from the tape:

One insight is the fact that both Texas Tech and West Virginia have performed Kansas. West Virginia battled with Kansas quitting almost 400 yards of hurrying and requiring a large 21 point fourth to drag off to a 56-34 victory , and Tech dominated Kansas winning easily, 65-19.

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