Jacksonville is in the center of those when it comes to gas prices when compared with all of those other condition. The cheapest prices were observed in Tampa, in which the average price of a gallon of gas was running at $2.01. Probably the most pricey gallon of gas within the condition was recorded in Delray, in which the fuel was averaging $2.24 per gallon, AAA officials stated.

AAA Auto Club Group reported Monday that the price of gasoline on a sunny day Condition has continued to be relatively level within the last two days. The typical cost for any gallon of standard unleaded gas over the condition by Sunday was $2.13, or about 1 cent under the other day and three cents at least a year ago.

“Gas prices could inch just a little greater now. Refineries are running on all cylinders, cutting into excess crude stocks. That helped push oil prices greater a week ago, which puts upward pressure on prices in the pump,” Jenkins stated.

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Still, AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins stated, prices in the pump could show an increase soon.

The typical cost per gallon of unleaded gas within the Jacksonville area was $2.11 per gallon by Monday, based on the site gasbuddy.com, a web-based database that tracks gas prices.

The Florida and Jacksonville average cost per gallon of gas still remain less than the nation’s average of $2.25, AAA officials stated.

As the relatively low gas prices this summer time are credited mainly to some global production glut, AAA officials stated the cost per barrel of oil continues to be inching up during the last 11 days, though Monday buying and selling demonstrated a small dip in oil prices from a week ago, based on the New You are able to Mercantile Exchange.

This summer is a steady month in the gasoline pump in Florida as prices for any gallon of gas remain stable.

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