There has been 336 reports of sinkhole activity in Land O’Lakes because the county began keeping a record in 2003.

Experts might don’t know precisely what caused Pasco County’s largest sinkhole in decades, however a group of College of Florida scientific study has descended upon Lake Padgett Estates to understand around they are able to by what happened.

The sinkhole opened up This summer 14 inside a suburb north of Tampa known as Land O’Lakes. It now stretches about 260 ft (79 meters) at its largest point, and it is believed to become 50 ft (15 meters) deep.

County officials intend to revisit the ordinance following the Lake Padgett Estates sinkhole is emptied and stabilized, stated Kevin Guthrie, assistant county administrator for public safety.

“When we can tell where this stuff will probably occur,” stated Lori Collins, an archaeologist leading the college team, “smarter decisions and rules may leave that.”

Sinkholes occur naturally in Florida. They also could be triggered by human activity, including intensive groundwater pumping for irrigation or residential taps, or by work above ground that destabilizes the limestone below.

“I’d rather not seem alarming, but many of individuals who move here from up north might not be conscious of this kind of terrain,” stated Dave DeWitt, a chief geologist using the Bonita Springs Water Management District. “As well as in this area of the condition, you simply have no idea what’s underneath you.”

Geologists are calling the Land O’Lakes crater a “cover-collapse” sinkhole, which takes place when soil over a void within the limestone gives way. They have a tendency to happen abruptly.

Lake Padgett Estates sits between two large groundwater well fields. Your day the sinkhole developed, groundwater levels recorded in the nearest well towards the neighborhood were inside a normal range, based on water management district data. The company stated it had been unlikely that pumping spurred the sinkhole, a minimum of within the immediate sense.

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