“I’d rather not seem alarming, but many of individuals who move here from up north might not be conscious of this kind of terrain,” stated Dave DeWitt, a chief geologist using the Bonita Springs Water Management District. “As well as in this area of the condition, you simply have no idea what’s underneath you.”

Experts might don’t know precisely what caused Pasco County’s largest sinkhole in decades, however a group of College of Florida scientific study has descended upon Lake Padgett Estates to understand around they are able to by what happened.

Collins’ team is staring at the area’s history, from the decades being an expansive orange grove to the conversion right into a neighborhood. It increased from just 20 homes in 1967 to 300 in 1974, based on the U.S. Geological Survey, and building ongoing there before the 1990s.

There has been 336 reports of sinkhole activity in Land O’Lakes because the county began keeping a record in 2003.

LAND O’LAKES — Geologists are studying an enormous Florida sinkhole that destroyed two homes and made five others uninhabitable.

However that does not mean water wasn’t an issue: Florida had just emerged from the drought, after which welcomed consistent rain fall in the finish of June. When water levels drop after which heavy rains all of a sudden pound the dry ground, the crust over a sinkhole is more prone to collapse, stated DeWitt.

The sinkhole opened up This summer 14 inside a suburb north of Tampa known as Land O’Lakes. It now stretches about 260 ft at its largest point, and it is believed to become 50 feet deep.

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