Based on the Nevada Condition Sports Commission, they’ll be doing all right. Canelo will earn a disclosed purse of $5 million to exhibit, while GGG will require home $3 million. 

The figures are interesting for several reasons. First, Alvarez gets the equivalent cash to exhibit because he has for his past group of major fights, including Floyd Mayweather in 2013 and Julio Cesar Chavez Junior. captured. It’s a slight bump in the $3.5 million he earned when facing Amir Khan and Liam Cruz in 2016.

Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin are finally set to duke it for that unified middleweight titles Saturday night. Even though it is an enormous event for that sport of boxing, more essential towards the fighters is how much cash they’ll earn for his or her services within the ring. 

Golovkin’s $3 million can also be exactly the same purse Chavez Junior. got for his bout with Alvarez, that is pretty telling of Golden Boy’s negotiations with Golovkin. In either case, both fighters can make a lot more money than that when all PPV receipts and live gates are counted, but when compared to figures we had are available in for Mayweather and Conor McGregor ($100 million and $$ 30 million), these figures pale.

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