“He was prepared to sign a brand new contract, there have been no doubts in the mind. They forced us to abandon the negotiations due to the atmosphere produced around him.

“I go ahead and take responsibility. They forced us. It had been Milan that lost Donnarumma. He stated in my experience, ‘honestly Mino, I do not feel it’s right to keep negotiations when this type of person insulting and threatening me and my family’.

Gianluigi Donnarumma’s decision to depart AC Milan isn’t about money his agent Mino Raiola has claimed.

“The problem became too violent and hostile, so there wasn’t any way to avoid it,Inch he told Italian media . “We required a choice that people did not wish to take.

“We never even got to speak about money or release clauses, because i was not permitted to obtain that far, nor to consider that which was perfect for Gigio.

“It had been nothing related to money. I was threatened. Donnarumma’s family was threatened, both without playing any longer and threatened with dying. You cannot have a player by threatening him.

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