There is a very divisive split in how people experience google’s-designed blob emoji which have lengthy been standard in Android and Gchat (RIP). But soon they’re disappearing. With Android O, Google is going to be switching to some emoji that’s more universal and other alike to look at as to the you’d see with an iPhone or Android phones using their company companies. Google claims the brand new emoji are “designed for additional consistent communication.” I love them, but others feel they’ve lost the emotion, warmth, and charm the gumdrop heads gave off. People end up with defensive whenever you give them a call bad.

Anyway, to “celebrate” World Emoji Day, Bing is giving the blobs a sendoff of sorts with this particular silly blog publish. (Standing on the marketing team on the internet certainly has its own easy days.) Regrettably for that blob loyalists, your pleas apparently aren’t likely to change Google’s plans. The brand new emoji are coming and there’s nothing that you can do about this.

These new emoji will quickly switch the blobs on Nexus and Pixel devices. Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Well, there’s something, but it isn’t an alternate which will really satisfy anybody. If you want your blob fix continuing to move forward, Google suggests installing an Allo sticker pack that will help you to carry on using that old emoji within the messaging application — but only there. Allo? You mean the application I can’t use for SMS? Or on several device? Or around the desktop? Seems like an ideal solution! Personally i think for you personally, blob fans. Even when they’re bad.

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