Google Maps Go is a light version of the original Google Maps, so it brings almost the same features.,13.4167382,15z?force=qVTs2FOxxTmHHo79-pwa

You can trick your phone and use the light version of Google Maps, even though you don’t run Android Go on your phone. Google has made the app available as a PWA on their servers and if you already have the original Google Maps app installed on your PC.

Let’s see what features contains Google Maps Go.

It’s the Google Maps Go app that will come with most of the features offered by Google Maps. The great thing is that the Go version of Google Maps will be lighter: it will require less phone resources! So, you’ll save data and battery life with the light version.

For the users that still have an old device or just a slow one, Google Go apps are perfect to use. They’re also great when it comes to limited access to a network. These apps consume less data, less battery and don’t need much RAM either.

You must copy-paste this link into Google Chrome and use all the navigation actions and features from inside the browser:

You will find the app on Google Play if you have an Android device. But you must know that you will be able to get it only if you use Android Go.

And if you want to open the link more often, save it as a shortcut on the home page to also save some time.

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