Johnson pointed to mental health because the key issue politicians should concentrate on to lessen gun violence.

“Georgia’s gun proprietors deserve a governor who’ll stand together when liberals and Hollywood elites attack our fundamental legal rights. This is exactly why I’m meaning the 2nd amendment and offering a bump stock like a show of support,” Williams, a condition senator, stated inside a statement.

Johnson is really a lengthy shot candidate, going facing well-known condition politicians like Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, and Secretary of Condition John Kemp within the Republicans primary. Cagle and Kemp have reportedly raised millions for his or her campaigns, while Johnson is anticipated to make use of his personal finances to fund his campaign. 

Republican candidate for Georgia governor Michael Johnson stated Monday he opposes any ban on bump stocks, and can hand out among the devices.

“You can’t regulate evil from existence. Blaming guns or bump stocks for that actions of the lunatic, is equivalent to blaming McDonald’s for cardiovascular disease,” he stated.

“The tragedy in Vegas broke me, but any talk of banning or controlling bump stocks is just cheap political lip service from career politicians. The truth is, the bump stock may be the new, shiny object politicians are utilizing to trick voters into believing they’re following through against gun violence,” Johnson, a condition senator, stated inside a statement.

The Nation’s Rifle Association opened up the doorway to new restriction on bump stocks, but states it opposes legislation.

Lawmakers have unveiled legislation to ban the devices, but Republicans leaders state that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives should rather move forward on reviewing rules.

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