He stated that the discourse around the topic of mental illness in Jamaica must automatically get to a greater level, using the strict understanding that rather more is required by means of financial support to handle the situation. Hickling established that mental illness had been manifested within the country’s runaway murder rate and also the explicit antisocial behaviours observed daily within the public sphere, among other areas.

Professor Ernest Hickling has stated that just about 41 percent from the Jamaican human population is qualified for any personality disorder diagnosis.

By December 2, greater than 1,492 individuals have been murdered. The St James Police Division accounts for most, using more than 310 people wiped out, surpassing the record 265 recorded its this past year.


What individuals call madness is actually psychosis, and schizophrenic psychosis represents about 3 to 4 percent from the society, data shows.

He stated that roughly 15 percent of people has what’s referred to as severe anti-social personality disorder, using the others being moderate and mild disorders.

Successive Jamaican governments have unsuccessful to adequately fund prevention and treatment programmes for that significant area of the population struggling with one form or any other of mental health disorder, states Professor Ernest Hickling.

He stated, additionally, it will need a minimum of seven to 10 percent from the health ministry’s budget to become allocated to mental health yearly to deal with the issue.

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