People on pretrial who’re housed in the jail are permitted to carry on taking medications prescribed to curb their addiction. The jail will pay for all medications, and Donelan states that something similar to Suboxone should not be a different.

“We’re likely to be getting plenty of conversations of the proper way to implement the program,” Schwartz stated. “I think everybody would agree, though, that this can be a resource.”

Jail officials addressed whether it’s the jail’s starting point the inmate on the medication aided treatment plan prior to being released from jail.

Previously, Donelan stated, the jail wouldn’t continue individuals’ opioid-based treatment — effectively cutting them off.

Jails happen to be reluctant to prescribe Suboxone for inmates due to concerns the prescriptions could be used unlawfully by others, Schwartz stated.

“We’re around the front line with this,” Donelan stated. “We have recognized for quite some time how challenging this opioid epidemic is. This can be a realization that (the condition) will get it. They do know that individuals people around the front line possess a real tough job to complete and providing us these power tools and sources is actually valuable.”

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