“An outpost from the royal guard received fire by an individual who got from a Hyundai vehicle,” the ministry stated inside a statement transported through the official Saudi Press Agency.

The warning uses the Saudi police raided hideouts of the “terror” cell from the Islamic Condition group now, killing a couple and arresting five others, based on the national security agency.

Royal pads wiped out the gunman, recognized by the ministry like a 28-year-old Saudi national equipped with a Kalashnikov and three grenades.

Saudi Arabia is part of the united states-brought worldwide coalition that’s been battling the Sunni extremist group in Syria and Iraq.

“Because of the chance of ongoing police activity, Americans are encouraged to exercise caution when travelling with the area,” the embassy stated inside a brief statement.

Since late 2014, ISIS claimed a number of bombings and shootings against Shiites and security forces within the Sunni-majority kingdom.

“He was immediately worked with and the cowardly act also led to the martyrdom” of two royal pads, it added.

Riyadh – A gunman shot dead two Saudi pads and wounded three others in the gate from the royal palace at a negative balance Ocean town of Jeddah on Saturday, the inside ministry stated.

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