Whenever a Premier League club pays an enormous fee for any high-profile player, it’s big news for anybody who watches Premier League football. We discuss it continuously. We marvel at how big the charge. We question when the new star name will meet the cash or finish up being another famous flop.

Just wait…

It is a simple premise: all you need to do is enter in the surname from the player in every situation. For each of the 20 transfers, we have provided the precise fee and also the club who have been selling the gamer (suggesting who bought him will be a little too easy). You have seven minutes to obtain all 20.

Like we stated, it ought to be easy. When you are getting began, you’ll think it’s almost too straightforward.

Well, not. Go ahead and take quiz below so we guarantee it will be trickier than you may imagine.

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We all like mega-money transfers, don’t we?

So, knowing that, any quiz which insists upon find out the 20 greatest transfers in Premier League history ought to be simple.


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