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The Michigan Department of Ecological Quality notified officials it has identified the dangerous algae blooms, referred to as HABs, in White-colored Lake Township’s Sugden Lake and Pontiac Lake in Waterford and White-colored Lake townships. (Click the link to locate the local Michigan Patchon join newsletters and real-time news alerts for those who have an apple iphone, click the link to obtain the free Patch iPhone application.)

If you feel you’ve been uncovered to some HAB, go ahead and take following safeguards:

Initially printed August 10, 2017.

Oakland County medical officials are warning swimmers yet others to prevent the “green sheen,” a dangerous algae blossom which has developed because of recent climate conditions. People and pets should avoid direct connection with water that seems scummy, appears like spilled paint, or includes a eco-friendly sheen into it. The scum could have flecks, foam, or clumps, the Oakland County Health division stated in the advisory.

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Interesting feedback.

Dense populations of algae are known as a blossom. Some blooms are harmless, however when the blooming microorganisms contain toxins it’s called HABs. HABs can establish conditions dangerous to humans, pets, and marine existence.
Go ahead and take following actions if your HAB exists:

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