Torres stated he has labored using the regional health departments during the last 18 several weeks to update their mass fatality plan.

“As a good example, among the big public health mitigation issues was the old sewage treatment plant in Berrien Springs. Previously sit directly on the forest as well as in a ton plain. That can lead to huge problems with public health using the potential mixing water and sewage in the event that area would ton,” Torres stated. “They moved the plant within the late ’90s when funds grew to become available.” 

The General Public Health Emergency Readiness (PHEP) program was created from that so everybody in the federal level towards the local public health level could cope with and combat biological threats.

“We would be the lead agency when we were to possess a mass shooting or mass fatality incident,” he stated. 

He stated one plan Berrien County should have is really a mass fatality plan since the medical examiner’s office is exhaust the department. 

“We didn’t possess a mercury plan when that happened since i didn’t know we wanted to,” Torres stated. “Now we all do.Inches

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