Heitkamp’s visit Stone Mill marked certainly one of her last stops on her behalf two-day “Drought and Farm Bill Tour” over the western area of the condition.

Dressler and her parents could repurpose their garbanzo processing machines into processing high-quality flax.

“We send it to Minneapolis where they use it the rail and send it towards the coasts,” Dressler.

For a lot of the last decade approximately before that, Hoff and the wife Charlotte now trusted processing garbanzo beans in their Stone Mill food-grade processing facility near Richardton. After 9/11, Hoff lost his primary export market in Afghanistan, where garbanzo bean goods are popularly consumed, and rapidly repositioned his work in to the burgeoning domestic flax processing industry.

“I seem like much more (buyers) need them source loaded. Not only us, but everybody needs to source load containers

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