However the Ataribox may also be in a position to run “current” games, so it may be a lot more like a contemporary set-top gaming device, too. We don’t yet know much by what that’s likely to offer with that scale, but it’d be interesting if the was basically a Shield-like Android TV device with a number of retro Atari titles pre-loaded and a few media streaming abilities.

Nothing yet on final availability or prices, but it’s still an intriguing project to keep close track of – and something that could indicate the real depth from the retro gaming fad’s appeal.

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The look is clearly an homage towards the Atari of yore, but it is also not really a upright miniaturization such as the NES Classic. Rather, it inherits a few of the materials (there is a woodgrain option along with a black glass front, based on your choice. There’s also ports to have an Sdcard, HDMI, and 4 USB, and the organization is going to be offering classic games around the console, like the NES classic’s library.

Retro consoles would be the new next-gen consoles, and nothing’s more retro console than Atari. That is why the teases in the gaming company about its approaching ‘Ataribox’ happen to be so intriguing to gaming fans – it may be amazing. Now, we all know what it appears as though, and due to an e-mail update (through the Verge), also broadly what it really can do.

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