We love DJI’s new Osmo Mobile 2, a gimbal steadicam for your smartphone, to bring cinematic quality to your hand-held videos, but it’s a two-year old product. That said, DJI lowering the price from $300 to $129 caught our attention. 

Jefferson Graham reports from CES 2018, where this year, with hot new robots from LG and Sony, it looks like robots are poised to finally go mainstream.

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The mammoth technology convention formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show was stacked with home and bath products this year. While a new Kohler toilet  is Bluetooth-enabled and lets you flush by asking Alexa to do just that, it was hard to lump these appliance upgrades in with some of the technological leaps that really made a mark in our lives. 


Most of the talk at CES was about new uses for the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa in voice computing. Apple got in Siri to a few as well, via the Apple HomeKit software. And then there’s poor Bixby. 

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