The brand new headquarters includes greater than $5 billion in capital investment within the next 2 decades. This is a goldmine for any community’s tax base.

The Red River Valley hosts some six universites and colleges and 2 technical schools. There’s lots of open land, with quick access to infrastructure and transportation. We’ve great airports. We’re a welcome, diverse individuals who understand how to work. There exists a history with smart companies (Microsoft) and innovative ideas (UAS development). We’ve America’s most tech-savvy governor.

We assume metropolitan areas through the nation are developing a line that stretches round the proverbial corner, piecing together plans hoping luring the best economic trophy.

Could it be realistic for North Dakota to bid? Most likely not.

It began being an online book-seller inside a San antonio garage. In 2 decades, it grew to become probably the most valuable public companies on the planet.

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