Charlotte now Crosby brands Geordie Shore “twisted” as Chantelle hints Chloe rested with Gaz

“It sounds weird and that i would not do that, but when I did not know Aaron, I’d swipe for him.

“Not really a liar!”

Charlotte now Crosby unveils what she’s searching for inside a man and it is certainly not Gaz

Charlotte Crosby and Scotty T


Geordie Shore’s Scotty T rushed to hospital after receding of club on ‘mortal’ night

Mentioning to dating application Tinder, Charlotte now stated she’d “swipe yes” for Scott



Love Island’s Zara Holland reveals about romance with Charlotte now Crosby’s ex Max Morley

Charlotte Crosby and Scotty T

“But I’m prepared to sacrifice that a part of my career to become well from a liar along with a cheat.”

Could Scott and Charlotte now function as the next Geordie Shore couple?

Tashing onto somebody new already

More heartbreak for Charlotte now Crosby as Gaz Beadle progresses

“I’d like someone who is aware of me and my existence.”

Talking with Australia’s New Weekly, she gave the rundown on which she considered another Geordie Shore boys – with Scotty – real name Scot Timlin, 28, being released on the top.

‘I’m tired of this!’

Scotty T upset and bleeding within the roads after getting away from security as Geordie Shore film in Magaluf

Charlotte Crosby and Aaron Chalmers

Will be there a surprise new Geordie Shore couple coming?

Charlotte now says she wanted Aaron for any “very, very lengthy time”

Talking about what turns her turns her from the most, she declared: “Lying! There is my Boys Lie top within my collection and so i think it’s obvious the way i experience liars.”

Just days following the 26-year-old remained heartbroken when her on and off romance with Gaz Beadle, 28, found an impressive finish, Charlotte now has confessed she’s searching for love.

Charlotte Crosby and Gaz Beadle

Earlier this year Charlotte now sensationally quit Geordie Shore among an enormous argument with Gaz on Twitter – where she top quality him a liar.

Charlotte now has top quality ex Gaz a “liar”

Inside a extended rant she authored: “Sadly just because a certain some1 can’t admit to finding yourself in the incorrect and also have to create a brief story filled with excuses. I’ve made the hard decision to depart the show, it’s something I’ve went backwards and forwards with for some time now (sic).

“I accustomed to fancy Aaron for any very, very lengthy time… Before he even came on the program, I wanted him.


Charlotte now Crosby states Zara Holland deserved to get rid of her Miss The Uk crown

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