Buses with safety belts can also add $8,000 to $10,000 towards the regular cost.

Instructions sent through the authors from the law, condition Sen. Sylvia Garcia and condition Repetition. Dade Phelan, states what the law states won’t affect purchases of older modeled buses.

What the law states requires school districts looking for new buses to possess three-point lap and shoulder safety belts for every passenger.

The meeting discussed a lease choice for two Worldwide buses to suit special needs that will cost $94,000 each and 16 regular buses that will cost $88,000.

Districts are permitted to opt from buses with safety belts, but it should be offer an open election.

The entire would visit $1.six million over 4 years.

However the district won’t be seeing safety belts in buses in the near future.

SAN BENITO — A brand new law regarding safety belts in class buses entered effect earlier this year.

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