In a joint news conference with Ukrainian counterpart Pavlo Klimkin following talks, Szijjarto stated Budapest seemed to be concerned about two other bills about citizenship and language now within the Kiev parliament.

The word what issue has driven relations between Ukraine and Hungary for their cheapest point since Kyiv won independence using the Soviet Union’s 1991 break-up, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto stated.

Kyiv’s legislation has additionally ruffled down in Romania.

He added that Hungary’s method of minority Hungarians residing in Ukraine itself undermined European integration.

The foreign ministers of Hungary and Ukraine clashed on Thursday over Ukraine’s new law banning teaching in minority languages, with Budapest threatening to retaliate by blocking Ukraine’s aspirations to integration within the Eu.

Hungary stated on Tuesday it might ask the EU to examine its ties with Ukraine over Kiev’s decision to prevent school instruction in ethnic minority tongues including Hungarian.

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