“Past studies have discovered that top quality, acceptable relationships and sexual closeness are great for mental and physical health,” Cabeza de Baca told PsyPost.org.

“We also examined whether there is a connection between relationship satisfaction, positive/negative partner interactions and our two measures of health (telomere length and telomerase activity).”

Telomeres make the perfect indicator of health. They shorten as we grow older, therefore the older you’re and also the shorter your telomeres, the greater your chances will be to create a degenerative disease in order to prematurely die, based on lead investigator Tomás Cabeza de Baca from the College of California, Bay Area.

If you’ll excuse us, we’re off and away to live forever.

Because the late, great George Michael sang in the acidity-washed tight jeans: “Sex is natural. Sex is nice. Not everyone will it, but everyone should.” Research conducted recently has provided us one more reason to sing: sex could slow aging.

Donrrrt worry should you not possess a partner masturbation works equally well.

“Based about this body of research, we would have liked to understand more about whether there is any adverse health-enhancing relationship between sexual closeness, telomere length, a biological index of systemic aging and health, and telomerase, an enzyme created by cells to elongate telomeres.

It’s not a reason-and-effect finding, also it could just be that healthier ladies have more sex, but who needs a reason to possess more sex?

“Our findings, although important, were largely exploratory,” Baca described. “Our outcome was accumulated from the small mix-sectional sample of 129 partnered ladies who were either caregivers to some child with autism in order to a neuro-typical child.”

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