The best response to why only a few individuals have this capability to “hear” silent objects still isn’t entirely obvious. Fassnidge states what determines who encounters vEAR and just how intensely “is most likely individual variations in how our mental abilities are wired.”

— Lisa DeBruine 🏳️‍🌈 (@lisadebruine) December 2, 2017

Does anybody in visual perception know why frequency higher this gif?

Dr. DeBruine told the BBC that they doesn’t know why many people listen to it, while some feel it and a few don’t see a factor. “Some deaf and difficult of hearing individuals have reported the 3 perceptions, as have individuals with aphantasia” (too little visual imagery).

We’re constantly encircled by movements which make a seem, whether or not they are actions as people walk, lip movements when they talk, a ball bouncing within the playground, or even the crash once we drop a glass.

So, so why do many people hear the thud while some don’t?

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