With the blizzard paralyzing Boston late last week, progress in dealing with the insurance company – like Boston’s traffic – halted or proceeded at a snail’s pace.

“If you met her right now, you wouldn’t know she was sick; but I see it,” Manoguerra said. “We just have to find a way to get these treatments.

What prompted the establishment of the GoFundMe account – which has reached more than half of its modest $5,000 goal – was the latest diagnosis in mid-December at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital, often referred to as Harvard/Mass because it is the largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School.

“Over the years, I’ve been told time and again that the pancreatitis was idiopathic, the worried mother wrote on her GoFundMe account last month. “Nonetheless, every year since, I have requested imaging studies and lab work.  Idiopathic didn’t sit well with me.”

In the past decade, Heidi Berger Manoguerra has become quite adept at conversing in medical terms.

“If the appeal is not successful, we will be needing in excess of $45,000,” she said.  

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