We are also expecting better battery existence, enhanced camera and sharper screen to become incorporated.

And iPhone fans with lots of money in their pockets may have the ability to treat themselves for an iPhone 7 having a whopping 256GB memory.

The photo states show an aluminium iPhone 7 frame with a set of loudspeakers rather than the headphone port.

Photos published on French website nowhereelse seem to confirm probably the most prevalent gossips concerning the new device – that Apple is going to be getting rid of the headphone port on its device.

Presently, the Lightning port is basically accustomed to charge the unit, as well as for music fans with an costly set of standard wired earphones it’s likely they’ll require an adaptor which Apple can include within the box.

The United States tech giant has past revealing their latest flagship phone in September and 2016 rarely is in different.

There is no method to prove the look is real, however with numerous whispers recommending the headphone port is finished permanently, there is a chance this is not a photoshopped fake.

Apple fans might be set for a large surprise in the unveiling from the next iPhone, based on some leaked photos confirming to demonstrate the unit.

One good reason Apple was regarded as ditching the main harbour was to help make the next iPhone thinner, even though this image does not seem to show a slimmed lower device.

Other supposed leaks have recommended that Apple will ultimately eliminate the 16GB iPhone and change it having a base 32GB option.

We already have lots of other iPhone whispers flying online, including suggestions the device will get to a brand new fast colour plan and also the antenna lines, running across the rear of the telephone, might be moved to the peak and bottom from the device.

When the rumour holds true, it’s thought Apple allows its customers to connect their add-ons through the Lightning socket or using a wireless connection.

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