Apple didn’t mention this yesterday if this was unveiling the iPhone 8 and iPhone X however it has been detailed that both new handsets support fast charging. There’s, however, a caveat. Make use of USB-C if you wish to fast charge your brand-new iPhone. Apple claims the new handsets can recharge as much as 50 % of the battery capacity in half an hour.

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Users can’t make use of the fast charging feature using the Lightning to USB-A cable which comes bundled using the new iPhones within the box. The USB-C to Lightning cable and also the USB-C charger is completely essential for fast charging either of these two new iPhones.

So as to benefit from the short charging feature from the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, customers will need to buy an Apple USB-C charger along with a Lightning cable. They’re going to have to pay for in addition to the things they purchase their iPhone to ensure that they’re in a position to recharge 50 % of the handset’s battery capacity in half an hour.

Apple also doesn’t detail the particular figures for every model so it’s unclear when the least expensive 29W model may charge 50 % from the battery capacity in half an hour as claimed by Apple.

Apple sells 29W, 61W, and 87W variants of USB-C chargers with prices varying from $49 and $70 so it’s not really a comparatively small advanced budgeting with this feature.

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