Kristal, who resided in Haifa, had resided through both World Wars and survived the Auschwitz concentration camp. This past year he finally celebrated his bar mitzvah — 100 years after usual. He’d missed the initial date due to The First World War.

The Occasions of Israel reports: The world’s earliest living man, Yisrael Kristal, died on Friday 30 days before his 114th birthday. In 2016 Kristal, born September 15, 1903, have been identified by Guinness World Records because the world’s earliest man.

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Kristal was created for an Orthodox Jewish family close to the capital of scotland- Zarnow in Belgium. He was orphaned soon after The First World War and gone to live in Lodz to operate in the household confectionary business in 1920. Throughout the Nazi occupation of Belgium he was limited towards the ghetto there and then delivered to Auschwitz along with other concentration camps. His first wife and 2 children were wiped out within the Holocaust.

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