&#13 The primary evidence for Planet Nine originates from its “gravitational footprint,” but it is convincing enough that Batygin states the solar system makes much more sense using the hidden planet than without them, Space.com reports. Planet Nine is thought to be 10 occasions more massive than Earth and discovered about 20 occasions further away from the sun’s rays than Neptune. From the position within the far reaches from the solar system, it’s tilted and reversed the orbits of objects within the Kuiper Belt, based on Batygin and Brown. Additionally, it could be the reason the orbits from the planets are slightly removed from the sun’s equator. Finally, Planet Nine may be the “super Earth” frequently found orbiting other stars but “conspicuously absent” around ours. Oh, and NASA wants conspiracy theorists to understand Planet Nine, whether it exists, is remaining a long way away from Earth. (Scientists just discovered the tiniest possible star.)

&#13 &#13 (Newser)&#13 –&#13 Astronomically inclined conspiracy theorists have lengthy been predicting our planet’s demise inside a collision having a rogue planet known as “Niburu” or “Planet X” biding it is time from sight somewhere within the solar system, CNET reports. Actually, Niburu was “supposed” to crash into Earth just recently. Even though dying-by-planet remains unlikely, the presence of an undiscovered planet within our solar product is now almost a certainty, based on NASA. Planetary astrophysicist Konstantin Batygin and professor Mike Brown attempted to disprove the presence of a concealed planet a couple of years back and, ironically, wound up finding convincing evidence for the presence of the things they call “Planet Nine.”&#13

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