As Hayes described it: “The camera is on 24/7. You virtually awaken, exercise, drink, spend time, build friendships, drink more, eat, drink more, make a move crazy, drink more.Inches

Hayes stated he made the decision to get familiar with “Bachelor in Paradise” while he felt like he overlooked last season when the majority of his buddies were on the program. He is not permitted to state whether he found love as an additional benefit.

2 yrs ago, Robby Hayes, 28, was unemployed, completing a master’s degree in finance in the College of Miami and figuring out what next related to his existence. While located on his parents’ couch and discussing options, fate known as. In other words, ABC known as, telling him he have been selected like a contestant for “The Bachelorette,” an chance he was not aware he’d experienced the important for. His first thought: his buddies were playing a prank.

“Bachelor in Paradise,” a spin-from “The Bachelor” franchise, gives some contestants from past seasons of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” another chance at love.

Today, the Jacksonville native juggles casting calls, managing start up business endeavors, taking photos with fans and brushing shoulders with big names like Jamie Foxx, Mike Search and David Spade in L.A. Viewers last saw him on “The Bachelorette,” where he attempted to win the center of JoJo Fletcher, ultimately finishing as runner-up.

“The whole show is all about drama,” Hayes stated. “When the drama expires, the show ends. The target audience realize that and also the fans, that is why they’re fans.”

To date, Hayes finds success taking advantage of his massive social networking following. In April he gone to live in La having a couple of other previous “Bachelor” contestants to become nearer to business possibilities. He’s presently concentrating on a clothing brand, Leisureletics, which produces women’s yoga pants. Also, he models and continues casting calls just about every day.

When Hayes introduced Fletcher the place to find meet his family during “The Bachelorette” filming, he stated, there have been women hiding within the shrubbery before their house and cars lining the road. Throughout the burglary filming of “Paradise,” Hayes returned to Jacksonville, where he was photographed by paparazzi while food shopping in a local Publix.

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