Carter did, however, visit a record improvement from Year 1 to Year 2. The only real stat that went backward was wins: From 9-3 to eight-4, however that Carter’s sophomore-year team was much more youthful.

Greene’s figures were fairly similar like a newcomer and sophomore year. However the team went from 8-5 to 13-1 and SEC and Sugar Bowl champions.

Mind coach Kirby Smart has emphasized Eason’s completion percentage – 55.1 % this past year – because the area requiring probably the most improvement. That percentage was indeed six percentage points less than Murray like a newcomer (61.1) and 4 points less than Greene like a newcomer (59.3). However it was really much better than Stafford (52.7).

But it is not quite the way in which Greene remembers his redshirt newcomer year.

In either case, Eason was comfortable with it requiring to enhance.

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