But Sports Personality of the season? Seriously. This is actually the very first time an exponent of tae kwon do continues to be around the BBC’s shortlist and so i think we are able to securely state that the organisers are — how do i put this? —…

It’s Sports Personality of the season time once more and, sadly, it’s no longer 2012. We’re not fecund with world-beating champions at this time. So, 2010 shortlist includes somebody that is excellent at tae kwon do.

No, it isn’t Patrice Evra, who’d have my election for attempting to decapitate some disenchanted Marseilles supporter having a magnificent bicycle kick towards the mind. Rather, it’s the Scouse lass Bianca Walkden, who claimed her 4th heavyweight title in June. Congratulations, Bianca, very well done.

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