The Ace Ventura and Bruce Almighty actor first opened up up about his depression in 2004, telling CBS News “there are peaks, you will find valleys. But they’re all type of created and smoothed out, also it seems like a minimal degree of despair you reside in. Where you aren’t getting any solutions, but you’re living OK. And you may smile in the office. You realize? But it’s a minimal degree of despair. You realize?Inches

Jim Carrey

“I had that for a long time, however, once the rain comes, it rains, however it doesn’t stay. It doesn’t stay lengthy enough to immerse me and drown me any longer.”

“At this time, I do not have depression,” Carrey told the i. “There isn’t an experience with depression.

Jim Carrey has discussed his fight with depression, saying that he’s now “sometimes happy”.

Carrey has once more addressed his mental health inside a new interview, revealing that his depression “doesn’t stay lengthy enough to immerse me” anymore.


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