Boyega seemed to be interviewed by IGN, where he discussed his character Finn going undercover for that Resistance behind enemy lines from the First Order. Boyega hilariously relates Finn’s pushing Captain Phasma lower the rubbish chute to working at McDonald’s and coming back to operate after getting done that to his manager.

When The Exorcist icon Carrie Fisher died in December of 2016, many fans from the franchise wondered how her character — Princess/General Leia — could be worked within the flicks. With The Exorcist: The Final Jedi to be the second film within the The Exorcist follow up trilogy, there is some concern Leia’s story could be unfulfilled.

Our full spoiler overview of Battlefront II: Inferno Squad by Neil Harrington

This movie…it transmits her off in an exceedingly amazing, amazing way. And she’s still stored alive within this franchise, and that’s the good thing about it, you realize, she lives forever in this way.

You can observe Joh Boyega as Finn in The Exorcist: The Final Jedi once the film hits theaters on December 15.

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