No, it had not been a trap door that required Biebs lower this time around. For your particular performance, the ground wound up getting very wet (caution zone!), and rather than being extra careful around the slippery floor, Bieber made the decision to possess a little fun and splashed around together with his dancers—but one kick made him land his bum.

#CrewGoals ?? ever present if you have an autumn ?????? @justinbieber you clutz, hope you are okay doe

The singer, that has had more spills within the last week than we want to confess, had another unfortunate moment throughout his Jacksonville, Fla., concert yesterday while carrying out his hit single, “Sorry.”

Obviously, fans caught the spill on camera, also it made its method to Twitter:

This Is Actually The AFTERMATH From The FALL @justinbieber @PurposeTour2016

Attacking Young Boys is simply too clumsy for their own good.

It had been literally just like a cartoon. Bieber started and BOOM! He’s on the ground.

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