Incorporated one of the names was those of “The Voice” singer Christina Grimmie, who died only one previous day the heart beat nightclub shooting after being shot, allegedly with a deranged fan, after an Orlando performance. Grimmie, 22, was apparently a detailed friend of Bieber’s ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. 

He offered another emotional tribute on Twitter following the performance.

As observed in the recording above, the 22-year-old carried out a psychological form of “Purpose,” the title tabs on his hit 2015 album, because the names from the 49 sufferers made an appearance on the massive screen behind him. 

At another reason for the show, Bieber told the crowd, “You have been via a lot here, and me is out to any or all the families,” based on local NBC affiliate 9 News.

Overall, it had been an amazing message of hope from the celebrity you never know a factor or two about perseverance. Thanks, Justin. 

Throughout his concert in Orlando, Florida, on Thurs ., Justin Bieber offered a solemn tribute towards the June 12 mass shooting in the city’s Pulse nightclub.

Because the song arrived at its crescendo, Bieber was up and looked up in the screen before a pyrotechnic “waterfall” started to descend to the stage. 

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