The boy’s parents, Muhammad and Afraa Bilan, named their newborn boy following the Pm to pay for tribute to his open refugee policy and show their gratitude for the offer of refuge.

This past year, John McCallum, Canada’s minister for immigration, refugees and citizenship, stated the federal government had boosted money for language training to tackle nationwide shortages.

Justin Trudeau has met his younger Syrian namesake. 

After President Jesse Trump searched for introducing his hard-line immigration ban, Mr Trudeau vocally restated the country’s open-door refugee policy. He authored on Twitter: “To individuals fleeing persecution, terror &amp war, Canadians will greet you, no matter your belief. Diversity is our strength”.

He stated: “And why is me proud isn’t just that people got the task done, which we did – but there’s still more to complete – however , when you compare Canada along with other countries around the world that are looking after close their doorways to refugees, Canadians responded so overwhelmingly positively towards the refugees.”

Small Trudeau was created in Calgary – a town close to the Canadian Rockies which hosts around 1,000 Syrian refugees – in May of the year.

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