Our sources repeat the FBI knows who the lady is who interacted with Kevin, plus they either believe she’s the one that made the cash demand … or somebody that bought the iPhone that recorded the encounter made the demand.  Either way, FBI agents think they are fully aware the identity from the offender.

Our Kevin sources also repeat the videos were documented on an apple iphone which was propped against an item within the room and the like recording without consent is against the law.

Kevin Hart was the victim within an extortion make an effort to the tune of huge amount of money, and we are told the FBI is around the situation and it has a suspect.

Kevin Hart Multi-Billion Dollar Extortion Demand FBI Has Suspect

Police force sources inform us … an anonymous person contacted Kevin’s camp and provided the recording TMZ described Saturday … showing Kevin along with a lady inside a sexually provocative situation.  The video then cuts to some bed room high seems to become intercourse on the bed, even though you aren’t seeing who is incorporated in the bed.

Sources near to Kevin won’t say if he’s the main one within the bed room, even though they do repeat the lady who’s around the various videos has already established lovemaking with another celebrity — a TV star — plus they believe he may be the one out of the bed room videos.

We are told the individual required a multi-billion dollar amount to acquire maintaining your video private.   There have been really several demands, and also at some point the quantity hit 8 figures.


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