Ms Thornberry said it was clear that Mr Trump “doesn’t have a real grasp” on how trade deals work, when he said it would be easy to do a deal with the UK within weeks.

The shadow foreign secretary said it was wrong for Theresa May to offer the US president a state visit and said Londoners and the rest of Britain were repelled by his views.

“Secondly it won’t be for him to be making a trade deal. There are many people in the United States – we are not in a medieval court.”

She said: “He said that he wanted to do a trade deal with Britain and he thought that he could do that in weeks. That shows that he doesn’t have a real grasp of what a trade agreement actually is. These things take years.

“Well, you know, Londoners are not terribly impressed with him. Surprise, surprise, and neither, frankly, are the British.”

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