The launch of Russia’s Progress MS-07 cargo shipped to the Worldwide Space Station (ISS) was aborted right before liftoff today Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) when engine ignition didn’t occur.  Troubleshooting is going ahead. The following chance is early ‘life was imple’ EDT when the issue will be diagnosed and remedied at that time.

Launch of Russian cargo vehicle continues to be scrubbed for today. Next chance no sooner than March. 14 at 4:46am ET:

It now really wants to shorten the trip time much more to simply two orbits or around an hour . 5 (each orbit of the world takes about 1 hour 30 minutes in the altitude from the ISS).   What trajectory can be used to achieve ISS depends mainly on celestial mechanics and also the relative positions from the ISS and also the launch site (within this situation the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan).  When the Progress MS-07 launch occurs on Saturday, it’ll have to make use of the 34-orbit route.  It is stuffed with 2.5 metric a lot of fuel, water, compressed gases and equipment.

Progress launches are relatively routine — this is actually the 68th Progress to resupply ISS and NASA describes it as being Progress 68 because of this — however this one was meant to demonstrate a shorter, two-orbit trajectory to achieve the ISS.

Soyuz is the specific launch vehicle Russia ways to use launching both Progress and Soyuz spacecraft (yet others too).  There are many variants from the Soyuz rocket and there has been issues with a number of them in the last many years.  This is actually the Soyuz 2.1a version.  A Soyuz 2.1a failure condemned the Progress M-27M mission 2 yrs ago.

Launch have been scheduled for five:32 am EDT, but was aborted  “in the final minute” of the otherwise trouble-free countdown based on NASA’s Take advantage of Navias who had been anchoring NASA TV’s coverage from the launch:  “The engine ignition never happened around the Soyuz booster.”  The next chance for launch is ‘life was imple’ at 4:46 am EDT.

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