According to the Russian Foreign Ministry pr release, the 2 officials discussed the following steps in resolving Syria’s civil conflict through establishing a settlement procedure that would incorporate all of the Syrian political forces. The negotiations will go on at various sites, such as the Geneva conference on Syria and also the approaching Syrian National Dialogue Congress which will occur in Sochi.

A brand new addition to the agenda may be the issue of pressure on the Russian media and diplomatic staff. Lavrov pointed out that US attempts to recruit Russian journalists for intelligence-gathering purposes was unacceptable.

Addressing Ukraine, Lavrov once more mentioned the Minsk accord of February 2015 doesn’t have alternatives and should be satisfied. He was adamant that it’s Kiev which has to implement what exactly of the agreement.

“Sergey Lavrov underscored that just Syrian individuals have right to decide on their own future. The condition sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic and it is territorial integrity should be respected strictly,” the Russian Foreign Matters Ministry’s pr release reads.

The Foreign Minister of Russia and also the US Secretary of Condition discussed numerous topics throughout their meeting in the OSCE summit in Vienna. The primary topics of the discussions were Ukraine, Syria and North Korea.

The Minister known as to resume responsible cooperation to resolve North Korean nuclear problem using peaceful means only.

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