Louise Heyer.

“It’s surreal,” he stated. “I’m in shock. I’m at work at this time. Her chair is how she left it Friday night.”

The firm had lately celebrated her five-year anniversary at the office, stated firm attorney Ray Miller, arrived at by telephone on Sunday.

Other attorneys at Miller Law Group are Jackson Boylan and Melvin Burruss.

“It appears to become unmanageable, and that i have no idea why,” he stated.

Miller stated he’d heard a week ago that a few firm employees planned to protest the rally. On Sunday, the city was “zoo,” Miller stated, having a heavy media presence. Two Virginia condition troopers monitoring Saturday’s protests inside a helicopter also were wiped out when their helicopter crashed. 19 everyone was hurt in the protest.

Heyer, 32, died following a man whom police recognized as James Alex Fields Junior., 20, drove his vehicle into several counter-protesters following a “Unite the Right” event. Fields faces another degree murder charge along with other charges.

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