“Just because applications increase doesn’t mean law schools will expand their classes. Actually, I believe it won’t be the situation,” he stated.

Before 2012, law schools have induce to celebrate.

“I think it’s very promising. I was very happy to see the rise in people using the LSAT has converted into a rise in people signing up to school,” Testy stated. “Our member schools are extremely pleased to view it: They’d years of it going lower or remaining flat, so that they are content to determine the restored interest.”

Granted, it may be too soon within the application season to declare a definitive upward trend for the following academic year, since during this time period this past year, only 27 percent from the total applicants had posted their applications.

“We had predicted i was at the end, and we’d tick up. There has been that, and I will hope it continuously move that direction,” Testy stated.

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