SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) – Lawmakers in Pierre are planning to introduce changes to Marsy’s Law, about a year into its introduction in South Dakota. The national organization that campaigns for it says new data shows South Dakota voters like the law how it is.

Instead, it’s meant to shield individuals.

“It gives teeth and recourse and promises to the crime victim they are going to have their rights enshrined in the constitution which is far superior to being in statute,” Gitcho said.

Marsy’s Law for All, a national organization that’s campaigned in multiple states for the law says, that’s not at all the intention.

Their main concern is that Rep. Mickelson wants to repeal a certain part of the law — the part where you can “opt in.” That would remove the law from the state’s constitution and make it a statute, something Gitcho said would make it nearly unenforceable.

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