Uber has previously shunned the thought of fingerprint-based background tests in many markets, saying the checks could be pricey and slow, and change up the company’s capability to constantly cause new motorists.

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The 58-page complaint filed Tuesday details 17 safety precautions that the organization could implement to create riders safer. Individuals include requiring motorists to set up Gps navigation tracking systems within their cars instead of counting on the application which may be switched off, in addition to performing criminal record checks every six several weeks.

On Tuesday, two anonymous women filed a complaint in California against Uber claiming the ridesharing company had falsely presented its service as safe to passengers. Both women say these were raped by motorists. They condition they purchased the service soon after drinks, believing so that it is safe.

Her firm continues to be following a issue of alleged rape and assault by Uber motorists since 2014, if this filed the brand new Delhi driver rape situation. “I am not requesting anything crazy. It isn’t crazy. When they do not have a problem, then they must be waving that data around.”

Questions regarding how the organization screens its motorists were elevated again earlier this year following the suspect inside a terror attack in Manhattan was revealed to become a driver for Uber and Lyft.

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