The Atlanta City Council voted unanimously on October 2 to pass through legislation which will decrease penalties for having under an oz of marijuana within the city, making the punishment more similar to obtaining a speeding ticket. The choice had local celebs like 2 Chainz, Big Boi, and Killer Mike singing praises. Councilman Kwanza Hall, who authored the measure, tweeted now. “Let me be obvious. Jail is really a gateway, not having marijuana.”

Just what will the legislation do?
As Atlanta Police Department Chief Erika Shields told the Atlanta Journal-Metabolic rate, the ordinance handles the punishment municipal courts can spend for individuals caught possessing under an oz of marijuana inside the Town of Atlanta limits (sorry, OTP-ers). Before, its ordinance mirrored the Georgia law, which stated an individual caught with anywhere of marijuana might be punished with as many as six several weeks in prison or perhaps a fine as high as $1,000. Underneath the new city ordinance, a municipal judge has one choice for punishment: a $75 fine with no incarceration. It will not make possessing marijuana legal. Selling or possessing anywhere of marijuana continues to be illegal.

We’re still on the high from yesterday’s election to lessen penalty for possessing under 1 ounce marijuana. The Mayor states he’ll sign off?

What is the difference basically get caught smoking marijuana versus just getting it on me?
No. As Bervera states: “If you will find the marijuana in your wallet or you will find the marijuana inside your mouth, both situations are considered possession.”

Okay, what exactly about Georgia Condition College or Georgia Tech police?
Like the Atlanta Police Department, it’s in the discretion from the officer to select whether or not to enforce city or condition law. Frederick Spillane, Georgia Condition University’s chief of police, states his pressure continues operation normally: writing citations for college students caught owning marijuana.

But, Campos cautions, “We just don’t want people to achieve the impression that it is okay to freely walk around having a bag of weed or perhaps a pipe or perhaps a joint. That’s still a criminal offense.Inches

October 9, 2017Joe Reisigl

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