Eric Eyre’s August. 9 article (“Amid opioid crisis, drug firm cites WV infant rehab clinic for possible fault”) presents egregiously false and irresponsibly cherry-selected claims about Cardinal Health’s positive method of the opioid epidemic.

Cardinal Health cares deeply concerning the devastation brought on by opioid abuse and it is at the forefront to assist address the epidemic via a condition-of-the-art anti-diversion program, while remaining dedicated to our critical role in making certain doctors, pharmacists and patients have the medications they require. That’s and can remain our main concern.

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The assertion that Cardinal Health belongs to the “that produced the opioid problem” can also be incorrect. Cardinal Health doesn’t prescribe or market opioids to anybody. Experts, such as the Cdc, the President’s Commission on Combating Substance Abuse and also the Opioid Crisis, and also the National Development of Sciences indicate over-prescribing because the cause of the epidemic.

Ellen Craig

Cardinal Health Senior V . P ., Global Corporate Communications

Cardinal Health is charged with “pointing a finger” to “dilute responsibility for West Virginia’s opioid epidemic.” This is untrue. It’s the localities’ lawsuits that allege every opioid pill is suspect — every pill prescribed by every physician, distributed by every pharmacist and shipped to individuals pharmacies by distributors. Inside a March federal court, private plaintiff’s attorneys for that McDowell County Commission stated ‘’you need to consider it as a whole chain’’ plus they plan to add pharmacists and doctors for their suit. Cardinal Health’s filing is just a procedural step needed by West Virginia law to preserve our defense if there’s an effort. In line with our thought that neither Cardinal Health nor most of the listed nonparties — including individuals for example Lily’s Place working diligently to deal with the epidemic — have acted wrongfully, we have to and can defend ourselves as intensely as you possibly can. If the plaintiffs admit that the particular pharmacy, or Lily’s, didn’t place any suspicious orders and it was and not the supply of diversion of medication to illegitimate uses, Cardinal Health will consider amending its notice to get rid of them in the list.

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